Glass Recovery Experts

Glass Recovery Services is Australia's newest and biggest waste glass recycling company of its kind in Australia. Our recovery rates of otherwise waste glass from Material Recovery facilities is second to none. With state of of the art facilities in Melbourne Australia Glass Recovery Services produces any glass into any colour and any size for almost any glass and ceramic application.

Glass Recovery is the only company in Australia to use the largest Rotex Minerals Screen available in the world to produce perfectly graded and cleaned glass to suit our customers requirements. This screen allows Glass Recovery Services to produce up to 45 tonnes per hour of recycled glass for up to 8 applications at any one time.

Our Glass crushing technologies exceed any available anywhere in the world. After almost 2 years of development we can now target specific grain sizes for customer requirements and at throughputs of up to 45 tonnes per hour. This coupled with our uniquely designed pre-screening development process and Rotary dryer gives us uncompromising product quality.

At Glass Recovery Services we specialise in transforming glass received from recycling facilities into a variety of useful applications.
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